The Two Friends Classic Bar Collection- raising  all  set  standards  on  chocolate bars. Crafted  and  wrapped up by hand the old fashioned way, our gourmet chocolate bars are bold, exotic and unique in flavor, style and theme. Our 6o’s and 70’s collection includes unique combinations of herbs, spices and flavors incorporated in premium high quality 60% or 70% dark chocolate.

The 60’s Collection

Our luxurious ‘60’s Collection’ is  handcrafted from premium 60% Fair Trade Belgian Chocolate and includes some of the original flavors the Friends came up with when they started crafting chocolate out of silver bowls in their tiny kitchen. The wrappers with exquisite Vintage designs are imported from the beautiful Italian town of Florence. 

Our flavors
Saffron and Chillipepper
Cardamom and Cashew
Curry Masala and Coconut
Krakin Koffee
Pistachio & Cranberry

Also this flavors are avialble as 1.4oz (40 g) in clear packaging. All flavors in detail

The 70’s Collection 
Our new 70’s Collection feature chocolate bars hand crafted from the finest quality Single Origin 70% Cocoa Belgian Fair Trade chocolate. The unique in house designed antique news paper wrapper brings out periodically updated inside scoop from the house of Two Friends. 

Our flavors 
Lavender and Wild Honey

Premium Dark Chocolate and fragrant Lavender with a dash of sweetening from natural honey. Sweet, rich and aromatic - perfect harmony of flavors with a delicate balance of cacao and flavor notes.
Wasabi and Seeweed

An exotic blend of premium Dark Chocolate with slightly bitter cocoa taste highlighted with Japanese wasabi combined with toasted Nori Seaweed.
Lemongrass and Seaweed

A delightful combination of Dark Chocolate with a smokey touch seasoned with Thai Lemongrass and Galangal (Asian ginger). A flavor that will linger.
S3 - Three Salts

An exotic blend of premium Dark Chocolate highlighted with Himalayan Pink Rock salt, Hawaiian Black lava salt and Fleur de Sel. The triple power salt bar- a unique and exotic bar with a hand carved look, created to resemble the salt plates.
Burnt Sugar and Coconut

Toasted coconut coated with cane sugar burnt to perfection; crunchy sweet bites embedded in silky Belgian Dark chocolate- a perfect hormony.

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