1. Hand crafted in small batches

2. No preservatives & additives

3. Made with fresh dairy cream

4. Flavored with herbs, spices & spirits.


5. No artificial ingredients..


Shelf life....

Up to 3 months...Store in cool

and dry place under 60 F.

Shipping information....


All our products are made to order...Will be shipped in a week time...


Allergen information....



From the Truffle Boutique


Our Artisan chocolate truffles are carefully handcrafted from the finest quality Belgium chocolates and flavored with exotic herbs and spices, authentic liquor or high quality fruits and nuts. We hand paint our truffles with artistic precision in a color scheme that match their flavor profile. The unique designs, from a metallic hue to hand painted motifs or floral color pallet highlights the exotic ingredients and intriguing flavors incorporated in each of our truffles

Signature Chocolate Truffle Collection

Box of 12 chocolate Truffles. Includes one each of the whole range of handmade truffles in exotic flavors. 


Extra Brut Champagne

Irish Cream 

Elder flower Liquor


Mexican Cayenne Pepper 

Caramelized Fig

Premium Dark Chocolate

Indian Spiced Chai Tea Latte


Madagascar Vanilla 

Sri Lankan Cinnamon

Bacardi Dark Rum 

Celebration Collection  


Box of 6 handmade truffles flavored with unique high quality original liquor


Iniskillin Icewine

Extra Brut Champagne

Cognac Truffle

Bacardi Dark Rum 

Elder Flower Liquor 

Irish Cream Truffle

Spices of the World Collection


Box of 6 handmade truffles infused with exotic herbs and spices from across the world 


Mexican Cayenne Pepper Truffle

Italian Rosemary and Mint Truffle

Thai Basil with Coconut Truffle

Chinese Five Spices Truffle

Indian Spiced Chai Tea Latte Truffle

Sri Lankan Cinnamon Truffle

The Album Collection


Box of 6 handmade truffles in a combination of flavors, fruit, nutty- a complete choice range 


Fresh Ground Coffee Truffle

Caramelized Fig Truffle

Chocolate with nuts truffle

Canadian Maple Truffle

Madagascar Vanilla Truffle

Oraganic Coffee Truffle

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