True to the name, here is a collection to toast any celebration. Using only original fine quality liquor and the finest quality chocolate we created a taste that would make any celebration a royal one. Each of the truffles is carefully hand painted to add a special sparkle and color to your celebration.

Celebration Collection


Cocoa Rum Carnival

Dark chocolate truffles with a rum infused soft chocolate ganache, the carnival rocks


Champagne Celebration

Dark chocolate truffle with a soft touch of Extra Brut champagne dark chocolate ganache -  now its time for a toast


Cream Dream

White chocolate truffle with a soft centre infused with Bailey's Irish cream, a chocolate dream indeed


Magic of Niagara 

Dark Chocolate ganache is blended with Inniskillin ice wine and enrobed with white chocolate, a Canadian touch


Mysic Flowers

Dark Chocolate ganache infused with french brewed liquor distilled from delightful summer flowers and enrobed in a handpainted shell with a splash of colors


Cognac Flambé

Dark Chocolate ganache infused with luxurious cognac and enrobed ina handpainted dark chocolate shell 


Discover The Collection in detail

Spices of the world is a journey- a journey through the remarkable tastes of breezy Mediterranean, to the spicy aroma of an Indian kitchen; from the herb gardens of Thailand to the Molcajetes of Mexico and the cinnamon plantations of Sri Lanka through to discover the best of Oriental seasoning. This collection of exotic chocolate truffles is a world tour travelogue, pick up and begin the journey!!




Spices of the World Collection


Taaza Tea 

Dark Chocolate ganache with the hint of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and an added touch of cardamom infused with Assam tea, a new chai tea latte 


Fiery Cayenne Zest

Dark chocolate truffles with a dash of spicy cayenne pepper topped with sea salt, here is the tongue tickler


Island Basil

A gentle breeze of aromatic sweet basil infused in a smooth dark chocolate ganache and enrobed in a handpainted dark chocolate shell.


Mediteranean magic

The freshness of mint in combination with the aromatic Rosemary in a dark chocolate ganache enrobed in a handpainted dark chocolate shell


Orientel Jewel

The flavor of the renowned orientel cuisine- the Chinese five spice bought alive in a dark chocolate ganche and enrobed in dark chocolate shell handpained in a matching color profile


Ceylon Cinnamon Spice Fest

Spices like Cinnamon, Anise and nutmeg from the island nation blended with premium belgian dark chocolate and enrobed in handpainted dark chocolate shell

Discover The Collection in detail

Album collection, flip  the pages of those classic taste memories... From the  pure dark chocolate and delightful vanilla, to the  serene notes of organic maple,  from the lingering taste of fine coffee and the timeless combination of chocolate with nuts to a contemporary fig spectacle; Album collection is  your chocolate taste souvenier...a nostalgic flavor collection that has all tastes you loved, and all that you would love...


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Album Collection


Coffee Sensation 

A hand rolled dark chocolate classic dusted with coco powder where coffee and chocolate is in adelicate decadent balance 



Dark chocolate ganache uniquely hand rolled in a combination of high quality almonds, pistachio and hazelnuts


Cocoa Classic

Classic dark chocolate ganache enrobed in a premium dark chocolate shell handpainted to show off the gold standards


Canadian Maple

Organic Canadian maple in creamy milk chocolate to make the smoothest ganache and enrobed in a rich dark chocolate maple leaf shell.


Vanilla Classic

A classic ganache made from cream brewed with original Madagascar vanilla and hand rolled with a coat of rich Belgina chocolate a fine drizzle of powdered sugar


The Fig Sparkler

Handpainted dark chocolate shells filled with Turkish figs  caramelized to brown A new decadent delight

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