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1.Do you use any allergen ingredients?


Some of our chocolates contain nuts and dairy. All of our chocolates are crafted in a facility that process nuts and dairy. If you have any allergies and need to know more details, please contact us before you place an order. 


2.Is the chocolate that you use in your products Fair Trade?


Fair Trade is one way of evaluating if farmers and producers are getting a fair price for a crop. Fair Trade looks at a variety of social and environmental criteria, and certifies a producer of a product as per the Fair trade Labeling Organization (FLO)" and not by the quality of the cocoa bean. Therefore Fair Trade, although a trusted system by many companies around the globe, is not an appropriate measure for the chocolate. We use high quality mix of pure Belgian chocolates in our products to ensure freshness of the product.


3.Are any of your products Vegan?


Some of our chocolate Bars and Barks are vegan in that they contain no animal products like cream or Milk. However these chocolates are produced in a facility that processes dairy (Milk). 


4.Where can I find a list of ingredients?


You can find the ingredient listing corresponding to each products in the Shop. If you require any further information please feel free to email us at

5.I'm allergic to soybeans. Can I eat your chocolates?


Most of our confections contain soy lecithin. According to research completed by the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP), soy lecithin does not contain sufficient soy protein to provoke allergic reactions in the majority of soy-allergic customers. We recommend you discuss with your doctor if soy lecithin is safe for you.


6.Do you process nuts in your facility?


We take pride in the clean, pure and sanitized work environment in our production facility and take extreme care to isolate our production cycles from each other, however we cannot completely rule out the possibility that our confections might have come in contact with or might contain traces of these nuts.


7.Which of your confections are made with milk?


All of our artisan Chocolate Truffles, our Milk Chocolate Gianduja Bar and our white chocolate Saffron and Chili pepper bar contains dairy ingredients.

8.Do any of your products contain eggs?


No, Our chocolates do not contain eggs. 

1.What is the best way to store your chocolates?

Our chocolates are best stored in a cool environment below 65° F/ 18 C, and humidity less than 55 % and away from direct sunlight.. A wine cellar or similar ambiance is ideal for long term storage.

2.How to properly store chocolates? 


Store chocolates at cool room temperature in a dark and dry place wrapped in plastic bags and/or in airtight containers away from products that give off strong odors. To refrigerate, simply wrap the chocolate in two plastic bags and seal tightly. This may prolong the freshness of the chocolate for one more week.  When you are ready to serve, bring the package back to room temperature before opening it; this usually takes 2 to 3 hours.


3.How long will your chocolates keep their fresh taste?


Two Friends chocolate truffles will stay fresh tasting for up to 2 to 3 months (our recipe is formulated with low water content) if stored airtight and kept in a cool, dry and dark place. For our Bar and Thins chocolates, they can last for up to 11 months if stored in good home kitchen conditions. These products mostly contains nuts and nuts has the tendency to go rancid if stored in a higher temperature.


4.Is the chocolate spoiled when it turns dull and gray?


Often the dull and gray film on the chocolate is mistaken for the formation of mold. This condition is called the fat bloom and it occurs when the cocoa butter in the chocolate or filling separates out from the other ingredients, floats to the top, and crystallizes. It appears as white dots and streaks or as a dull, gray film on the chocolate. This is only a cosmetic effect and does not mean that the chocolate is spoiled.  The cause of fat bloom can be prevented by storing chocolate in dry and cool place under 68F /20°C.

The other possible explanation is the sugar bloom caused by condensation. The water from the condensation dissolves the sugar in the chocolate.  When the water evaporates, the sugar remains on the surface in the form of large, irregular crystals.  To avoid direct condensation, chocolates leaving a cold room should be stored in a warmer room for a certain amount of time before opening the package. Sugar bloom will affect the texture of chocolate, making it grainy.


1.How soon can I receive an order?  


Most of our chocolates are made to order. We attempt to ship out orders within 5 to 10 business days. If you need the order delivered  before a specific date please email us and we will make best efforts to accommodate your requirements.
Please contact us prior to placing an order to ensure the delivery time, as the turn around time will be dependent on the volume we would be processing on that particular week. 

2.What are the terms for returning a product?  


At Two Friends Chocolates, we take extra care and all our products are carefully inspected before shipping. We hope that every order you placed with us meets and exceeds your expectations. If the product is damaged upon receiving or you unhappy with your order, please email us at, so that we may correct this situation and find a solution to make it better. We welcome and would appreciate any feedback you may have so that we can continue to improve our service. Please note
• Shipping charges will not be refunded.
• Any product being returned must be complete and should be in its original packaging. 


3.Do you ship chocolates during the warmer months?


When shipping in warm weather or to warm destinations we use ice packs and Mylar for insulation  to ensure your chocolates arrive in excellent condition. There will be an additional $10.00 added in the shipping cost to process warm weather shipping. To limit time in transit and prevent your chocolates from melting, orders will be shipped out only on Mondays or the first business day of the week.  We suggest that you organize to receive the package so it is not left outside for too long. Please note that we make every effort to notify the recipient that a package will be arriving, however we cannot be held responsible for items left unattended in warm weather.  

4. Do you ship to Canada?


We have an independent operations and production facility in Canada that locally handcrafts our chocolates for the Canadian market. To make a payment in CAD for your orders for delivery within Canada, please email your order to You will be able to make the payment through our secure online invoicing system and avoid currency transaction fee. Please note that the price will remain unchanged irrespective of the currency. If any queries you can reach us at 1416 8719707.



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