Gourmet Chocolate Peanut / Hazelnut butter

Our spreads are a blend of high quality stone ground Peanut or Hazelnut nut butter and a generous volume of dark cocoa. The nuts are roasted and stone ground in an old fashioned way, a lengthy process that creates dense and flavorful nut butter and a dazzling breakfast experience for anytime of the day.


Gourmet Hot Cocoa Classic/ Mexicano

Our hot cocoa is your cup of joy!! Available as powder mix it with the milk of your choice in richness of your choice..  A creamy dessert drink, a warm light morning sip and wintery evening beverage.. here’s is a hot cocoa to fit all the bills. Available as classic or Mexicano with a hint of freshly ground spices!!


Bittersweet Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Hot fudge sauce, on a fondue, over ice creams, over fruits, just like that? Whatever may be your choice our Fudge is sure to be a winner, super rich, silky and chocolaty,a secret sauce to make anything taste happier!!


Chocolate and Beyond


As connossieurs of chocolate, we take our job seriously. That's why we made our range of gourmet chocolate products, where there is something for everyone , at all times. From delicious all natural chocolate nut butters to decadent hot cocoa and divine chocolate sauces we have it all covered. We love doing the hardwork to add a bit of chocolate to your moments.

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