Our signature truffles is a power packed trailer of all our collections. Available as box of 12 or 24 in a custom designed box that would stand up as a serving tray, the Signature collection includes a taste of liquor from the celebration, some exotic spices from the world and taste of the classic from the Album collection; the collection is unique, elegant and special, that it sure has our signature on it!!


1. Hand crafted in small batches


2. No preservatives & additives


3. Made with fresh dairy cream


4. Flavored with herbs, spices & spirits.


5. No artificial ingredients..


Shelf life....

Up to 3 months...Store in cool

and dry place under 60 F.

Shipping information....


All our products are made to order...Will be shipped in a week time...


Allergen information....



Signature Truffles


Cocoa Classic

Dark chocolate truffles with a classic semi bitter ganache, for the ultimate dark chocolate lover 


Taaza Tea 

Dark Chocolate ganache with the hint of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and an added touch of cardamom infused with Assam tea, a new chai tea latte 


Cocoa- Rum Carnival

Dark chocolate truffles with a rum infused soft chocolate ganache, the carnival rocks


Vanilla Fantasy

Dark chocolate truffles with a touch of pure vanilla, the real chocolate fantasy


Coffee Sensation

Cocoa dusted dark chocolate truffles with a real coffee flavored centre, for the love of coffee


Fiery Cayenne Zest

Dark chocolate truffles with a dash of spicy cayenne pepper topped  with sea salt,here is the tongue tickler


Champagne Celebration

Dark chocolate truffle with a soft touch of Extra Brut champagne dark chocolate ganache -  now its time for a toast


Cream Dream

White chocolate truffle with a soft centre infused with Bailey's Irish cream, a chocolate dream indeed


Magic of Niagara 

Dark Chocolate ganache is blended with Inniskillin ice wine and enrobed with white chocolate, a Canadian touch


Choconut Magic

Dark / white chocolate truffle rolled in crispy bits of almonds, pecan and hazelnuts, truely magic


Canadian Maple

Dark chocolate ganache infused with Canadian Maple and coated with pure Belgium Dark Chocolate, a taste to look for


Cinnamon Spice Fest

Dark chocolate truffle with a pinch of cinnamon, dash of nutmeg and tinge of clove, all spice fest


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