Discover the complete range of TWO FRIENDS


So what makes our chocolates special? Every step of the process we watch little things, look over and validate. Those little things combine to make one good thing- The perfect Two Friends Chocolate. Here's a peek into what sets the Two Friends Chocolate apart.





Chocolate confections are crafted  from premium European couverture chocolate, in micro batches with fresh ingredients, at our studio....


A pastel palette or a metallic hue, a spray of colors or multi layers of shades- We add charm to chocolate with artistic precision.


Produced in micro batches following Good Manufacturing Practices and carefully hand packaged in our elegant wrappers or luxurious boxes





Natural, Pure and Good

What's there? Premium Belgium chocolate and all natural ingredients Fruits, nuts, berries, house blend spices, aromatic herbs and selected exotic seasoning.

Local for global

We source out our ingredients wherever possible from our local markets, It is not only our way of supporting fellow local businesses but also our way of representing our neighborhood in the global arena.

Unique and Exotic

Spices from across the world, finest liquor, fragrant herbs and a lot more blended with chocolate to create a unique and special combination.

What's not there?

Gluten additives, preservatives, pesticides, GMO, radiations, high fructose corn syrup, sulphites, imitations or anything with a name that's hard to read and not required to taste.

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