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For Dads who like to try something different and for dads who like to keep it classic, for dads who like sweet and for dads who love the  spice, we have you covered.
We bring you a selection of our much loved handcrafted chocolate truffles, shaken not stirred❤️ A shot of Black label Scotch or a dash of Mexican Cayenne, the breezy Coconut Rum or the fiery Fireball Whiskey, the classy Cognac or the fancy Lime & Ginger we have flavor ranges that will please even the most hard to please taste buds. Let's celebrate our role models in true style and make this Father's Day one to remember!

Our Products

Our unique collection of artisan truffles, chocolate bars and other chocolates are locally handcrafted in small batches at our dedicated production studios. At Two Friends Ideas and Innovations Center, we bring together inspirational ideas, finest quality and excellent craftsmanship to create a stunning range of artistic chocolates.

Our Chocolates

The Maker's note

Inspired by flavorful memories from our childhood and driven by a passion to share our journey of crafting unique chocolates, we curated a collection that reflects flavor and friendship, style and joy.


 True Ingredients. Perfect craft. Finest chocolates.


We have been best friends for more than half our lives. We met as new girls on the first day in School of engineering and went on to be colleagues toiling in a top tier financial services company.  We have been through the journey as the best of friends. And we have loved the twists turns, ups and downs and found our smiles every step of the way.


Now as entrepreneurs with big dreams and bigger goals, what still keeps us going is that we got each other's backs. Two Friends is not what we are, it is who we are.


Every step of the process we watch, look over and validate every little thing.Those little things combine to make one good thing- The perfect Two Friends Chocolate. Unique flavor, flawless crafting techniques and personal attention to every chocolate that leaves our door, we are your little local business that sets standards.


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What we are up to   

What we are up to...

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