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Handcrafted Artisan Chocolate Truffles

Art meets craft here and a generous dollop of flavor goes with it. The Two Friends Artisan Chocolate truffles are a redefinition of taste and a small canvas of excellence.The flavors, scents and colors of nostalgia are recreated into bite size magic.  


Our finest ingredients, signature recipe and flawless crafting process create the most exquisite chocolate truffles. Our collections bring together a story. One you don't want to miss being part of.


Gourmet Chocolate Bars
Vintage Collection 60s Series:  

A unique collection of 6 chocolate bars crafted from Premium Fairtrade Belgian Chocolates flavored with exotic spices, herbs and seasoning. Hand wrapped in classic vintage design wrappers produced in the town of Florence,  these bars redefine luxury in design and flavor.

Newspaper Collection 70s Series:

This collection which 5 unique handcrafted chocolate bars crafted from premium dark 70% chocolate blended with the most exotic, spices and flavors. The bars are individually hand wrapped in very special antique news paper designed at the Two Friends Studio. These signature collection carries the Two Friends story in every bite of each unique chocolate bar.



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Our hand crafted collection of Artisan Chocolates feature the tastes and scents from across the world. We combine Fair Trade premium Belgian chocolate with selected high quality ingredients- local seasonal harvest, in-house blend spices, exotic herbs or fine liquor- to create fine curated collections.  Check our complete range of products and collections...




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